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Datong Local Cuisine

Datong Local Delicacies

A saying describes Datong as, “rich in local delicacies.” Datong dishes are representative of the cuisine common in northern Shanxi, due to its salty taste and heavy coloring. Although Datong doesn’t develop its own cuisine, it draws from the cuisines across the country. In Datong, the streets are filled with restaurants. In the places nearby the railway station and Yungang are a number of excellent restaurants.

The most famous restaurants in Datong are Laoye Miao Restaurant and Kaige Restaurant. They are located on Weidu Road near the third people’s hospital.

If you are a fan of wheat food, you can go to Dongfang Sliced Noodles Shop. It has various branches. The Hualin Shangsha Branch (on the opposite side of Shanhua Temple) on Xiaonan Street offers excellent wheat food at reasonable prices.

Recommendations: Jianguo Hotel is one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in Datong. Opened in 2008, it offers local delicacies in its Chinese restaurant. The food is well cooked and delicious at a reasonable price. A hundred Yuan is enough to buy two people a decent meal.