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Wedding in Sanya

Wedding in Sanya

The Jinmu Cape: The Jinmu Cape is the place for making a vow at latitude 18° N. Located in the southern point of the continental shelf of China, Jinmu Cape is a place rarely touched by modernity. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular among marine sport enthusiasts.

Dadonghai: Located in the southeast region of the downtown area, Dadonghai has convenient transportation. Thus, when photos are taken, it is easier to reload and carry the apparatus. There, the breeze is tender, the waves are mild, the seawater is clear, and the sands are soft. The main features for taking beautiful photos in this area is through the inclusion of the blue sea, silver sands and bluish sky with whitish clouds.

Yalong Bay: The pure, soft beaches and azure sea in Yalong Bay are not available elsewhere. The beach is scattered with luxurious holiday inns, which are perfect places for you to take photos. Each corner of a hotel with various styles have become unforgettable places The main themes for taking photos are the beach dotted with numerous hotels and the garden of hotels.

Sanya Bay: Known as the longest street in Asia, the Coconut Tree Corridor is a scenic street that’s constructed around Sanya. The main features of taking photos are the coconut trees on this street. The wild coconut trees and grasslands can best represent the scenery of Hainan. Here, you can also see the most beautiful sunset in Hainan.

Shanhaitian Reefs and Gardens: Seated in the western part of the Shanhaitian Hotel in Dadonghai, Shanhaitian reefs belong to the Shanhaitian Hotel with half of it extending into the sea, spectacular and majestic. Its gulches are quite obvious. When climbing, you can see a panoramic view of the vast Dadonghai and its bay. The main feature of taking photos here are the vast reefs. Silhouetted against the gardens of the hotels, your photos can be diverse and rich in styles.

The Reefs in the Crystal Palace: Located in the east of Dadonghai, the reefs in the Crystal Palace will expose you to chances of experiencing the grandeur sea by yourself. The main features of taking photos here are the reefs.