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Sanya Travel Tips

Sanya Travel Tips

Food Safety and Security


When enjoying seafood, you can drink a proper amount of wine and vinegar. However, you can’t drink beer because excessive urate will be produced as a result of increased consumption of beer. Excessive urate often contributes to the development of gout.

After eating seafood it is advised not to drink cold beverages and eat watermelons.

Since seafood is high in protein, people that are allergic to protein should avoid it.

Tropical Fruits:

You shouldn’t eat too many tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple since you can easily develop internal from them.

You shouldn’t eat pineapples and star fruit with an empty stomach. The star fruit is a no-no for people who are diabetic because it is so high in insulin that some may be risking their lives.

There are various types of coconuts including green coconuts, yellow coconuts and red coconuts, among which red coconuts are the best with yellow following. Coconuts are often picked at noon as they are the sweetest. When clothing is stained by the juice of coconuts, they often fade the color and the stain is hard to rid of so be careful while eating.

Outfits for Traveling

It is advised to bring sweat-absorbent, ventilated and easily dried clothing but not too many. You can wash them in the evening and they will dry the next day. If you come in winter, you should bring a coat despite the warm weather in case temperatures change.

The ultraviolet radiation in Hainan Island is intense so you should bring sunglasses, effective sunscreen and umbrellas. You should also prepare medicines for sunstroke and intestinal tract diseases along with anophelifuge for protecting you from mosquitoes.

You should also bring bathing suits, swimming caps and goggles to go swimming.

Guidelines for Going Rafting

Before you set off, you should better bring a set of clean clothes and a pair of plastic shoes to change in.

If you wear glasses, you should tie your glasses with a rubber band in case they drop in the water when rafting.

You should also leave important and non-waterproof items (cameras, video cameras, cell phones and watches) on the bus or you can ask the staff to take care of them. Do not bring them with you when rafting. When rafting, you should try your best to sit firm and keep your balance. You’re not allowed to take off your life vest. Catching floaters in the water and picking grasses and stones on the bank are strictly forbidden.

When rafting, you’re not allowed to swim in the water. When the raft is passing through the shoals, you should stick your hands to the hand straps, keep the direction in your mind, lower your center-of-gravity and lean your body forward.

Guidelines for Enjoying Hot Springs

You should take off all metal items before enjoying a hot spring, otherwise the color of will fade due to the minerals in the spring.

The best amount of time to spend a hot spring should not be longer than 90 minutes.

You should take a rest out of the spring every 20 minutes to have a drink of water to replenish your body.

It is advised not to have a massage when you’ve been in the hot spring that day.

Try your best not to use bathing soap after a hot spring experience. Clean water is better for retaining the minerals on your skin.

Guidelines for Doing Marine Sports

It is advised to warm-up before swimming to avoid cramps. Additionally, pay attention to the appointed safe areas for your safety. If you don’t feel comfortable in the water you should get of the water to avoid injury. After swimming, it is advised not to have cold drinks, watermelons or seafood immediately following.

You should take care of your belongings. Do not lock your items in the chests of drawers, but rather deposit them nearby you or with someone you know. People with kids should take care of their kids and have them by their side at all times.

Travelers that want to try the high-speed motorboat, seaplane and high-speed passengers’ ship should follow the staffs’ orders and put on a life vest. You should also observe the safety rules and avoid being careless.

People with high blood pressure and heart disease should not engage in diving.

Guidelines for Diving

There are favorable conditions for diving in Sanya. Even if you can’t swim, you can go diving safely under the guidance of a coach. Divers should be well rested before attempting a diving experience. In the water, you should communicate with your coach using gestures. When you don’t feel good, you should go to the shore. Green hands while diving could cause an earache or headache.When feeling uncomfortable, ask your coach to lead you out of the water.

Basic Rules

You should always have someone accompanying you and follow your coach carefully.

You must put on a life vest.

You should wear your balancing belt last.

Do not use any earplusg.

You should clear up the water in the facial mask before by hand.

Do not do any movements requiring deep breathing.

You can take off your swim fins, facial masks and respiratory siphon only when you’re completely out of the water.

What to Do When You Lose The Person with you

Pull yourself together.

You should keep yourself floating upward to expand your horizon and at the same time while looking for the person you were with. If you can’t them, keep yourself floating on the surface and observe the surface carefully. Where there are bubbles, there are people.

If you can’t find the person that was with you within 10 minutes, you should swim back to the place you entered the water.