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Li nationality Sanyuesan festival

Li nationality Sanyuesan festival

The Sanyuesan Festival is a local traditional event. It is celebrated in spring, on March 3rd (the lunar calendar) to memorize industrious and brave ancestors and provides unmarried young people an opportunity to express to their loved ones.

There are two statements on the origin of Sanyuesan. The first is a long time ago, li nationality suffered serious floods, all the people and animals died, expect for Tian Fei and Na Yin they are siblings. When they grew up, they decided to find their lovers, and every March 3rd they made an appointment to return and meet under the bird's nest ridge. Later on, every March 3rd (the lunar calendar)Tian Fei, Na Yin and their sons and grandsons came back this place to greet the spring. The Li nationality calls the stone cave as mother cave to commemorate her, and Sanyuesan naturally become a grand festival. Another one is long time ago, there was an evil crow spirit that always harassed the Li people’s life. A day the crow spirit caught a beautiful girl of Li nationality named Er Niang, so her boyfriend A Gui went to rescue his lover with bow and arrow, however, he was killed by the crow. Er Niang felt very sad at the news, and decide to kill the crow in his sleep, finally, she succeeded, after that, she never married. Every third day of the third lunar month, she would go to a cave (now is called Er Xian cave to commemorate her) to sing love songs. After that, every third day of the third lunar month, unmarried youth nearby would get together in beautiful clothes to find their loved girls. On that day, all the people will arrive with rice wine and bamboo rice to have the joyous time or worship the ancestors. They hold hands and sing songs, do bamboo pole dancing, and have their dates in houses that are shaped like boats. At the break of dawn, they give each other a token, and promise to meet again next year.

The Sanyuesan is very popular in the Li nationality, as time go, there are more festival events, mainly singing in antiphonal style, folk sports competitions, national songs and dances, and special wedding customs.

Sanyuesan has a history of thousand years and is a typical culture of the Li nationality.

In 1984, according to the requirements and will of the Li people's, Guangdong province people's congress and people's government of Guangdong province designated the third day of the third lunar month as a traditional festival for Li nationality.