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Intangible Cultural Heritages in Hainan

Intangible Cultural Heritages in Sanya

Da Chai Dance (Bamboo Pole Dance) of the Li nationality

The Bamboo Pole Dance, a typical dance of the Li nationality, which is called “zhuan sha” and “taisha” in Li language. The dance is from funeral custom of Li nationality in Yazhou (Sanya, Hainan province). More

Puppet Show

Puppet Show, also called Shadow Puppetry, is a type of drama that is demonstrated by the puppet but operated by the man behind the puppet. More

Li Nationality Traditional Dyeing, Weaving & Embroidery Skills

Hainai Li Ethnic Minority Group's weaving and dyeing techniques have a long history and have unique features. They produce linen textiles, cotton textiles, brocade, printing and dyeing products (including tie-dyeing), embroideries and imperial quilts. More

Li nationality Sanyuesan festival

The Sanyuesan Festival is a local traditional event. It is celebrated in spring, on March 3rd (the lunar calendar) to memorize industrious and brave ancestors and provides unmarried young people an opportunity to express to their loved ones. More