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Art Treasure & Jewelry

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Our goal is to introduce you to the best and most valuable items in China such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, redwood furniture, calligraphy and painting, Thangka, embroidery and porcelain for decoration, jade articles and pearl which can used by yourself or kept for appreciation. Therefore, these valuable items are good investments and loved by the wealthy class in China.

Rare medicinal herb-Agilawood

Agilawood is known as “diamond in plant” which collects anima in the nature and essence of moon and sun and yearly deposits, making it three times as valuable as gold. Hence, it is quite loved by the people. Agilawood is also a rare medicinal herb. It is secreted and coagulated by fungicidal infection of oil secreted in the process of self-healing caused by animal bite, external force wound, man-made hurt, snake, worm or ant erosion or natural harm like lighting stroke, wind hurt or worm damage. Moreover, it can be used as perfume. The most expensive perfume must contain agilawood, such as famous French perfume, which uses a small but indispensable amount of agilawood making the perfume stable.

Rare medicinal herb - Chinese caterpillar fungus

Chinese Caterpillar Fungus is also called worm grass which is a composite parasite of stroma or larva body in the hepialidae insect with the main component being cordycepin which can readjust the immune system, help resist tumor and fatigue, improve lung and kidney function, stop bleeding, reduce phlegm and improve Qi. It can be eaten as powder or added to wine or water. According to modern clinical research, the cordycepin contained in Chinese caterpillar fungus can greatly improve red blood cell ability to stick to cancer cell, restrict tumor growth, increase leucocyte and blood platelet volume, rapidly improve emesis, nausea, poor appetite, epilation and insomnia after chemo/radiotherapy. In China, Chinese caterpillar fungus is grown in 4200 meters high Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet. Due to its high natural cordycepin, it is helpful in tumor resistance. In addition, its effect depends on the size. The bigger it is, the more expensive it is. The small ones have no medical effect.

Precious wooden furniture& artworks

Mahogany is an evergreen tree which is the national tree of Dominican Republic. It originates from American Continent but is widely grown in China. It can be 15 meters high and used as a street and garden tree. In addition, as one of the world famous woods, it is also good material for high-level furniture.

Dutch and British engravers go to Indonesia to carve top mahogany furniture with their excellent skills to offer to their royal household. Hence, mahogany travels across several continents. No one would imagine that African and Central American mahogany would become articles of European royal household. In the process of transit, mahogany increases so much in price that furniture made of top mahogany is very expensive.


Ebony is the folk name given to black timber by the Sichuan people which is not living in Africa. Due to earthquake, flood, debris flow before 2000AD to over 10000 years ago, plants on the land were imbedded in low areas such as ancient river beds. Some trees in the mud went through thousands of years of carbonized processing in the oxygen-free, high pressure and germ conditions and became carbonized wood. In past dynasties, ebony was used to avoid evil forces so that art wares and figures of Buddha made of ebony were part of the royal household. Also, amulets made of ebony were used to protect people from disaster. There is an ancient saying that one with a small amount of ebony is more worthy to have a box of treasures.

Ebony has various categories such as Maliu tree, Qinggang tree, camphor tree, Nanmu tree, etc. generally trees with aroma and sterilization function can be called ebony.

Ebony is firm in nature and generally black, black red, golden or yellow brown with smooth, fine grain. If it is ground to some degree, it can be as bright as mirror. In addition, some is said to be close to red sandalwood in nature. It will never fade, rot or house insects so that it is the best material to fabricate art wares.

Silk wood

Furniture made of silk wood is yellow and green. It looks normal and simple at first glance but golden under the spot light. Though it belongs to cork wood, and to the touch it is as gentle as infant’s skin and jade. You can smell the aroma in a room with silk wood furniture. Silk wood has the following qualities:

  • 1: Anti-corrosion. It will not rot under the earth so that imperial coffins are usually made of silk wood.
  • 2: Insect prevention. Silk wood smells of the nanmu aroma and wooden cases for clothes and books can prevent insect infestation so that royal book boxes are all made of silk wood. It is suitable to make boxes for modern valuable books and souvenirs if available.
  • 3: No touching cold in winter. In the royal palace, beds are made of nanmu which is neither cold in winter nor hot in summer and is beneficial for the health.
  • 4: Hard to deform.
  • 5: Fine and good texture. Silk wood feels soft and smooth in texture. The newly cut surface is yellow and green and has a special aroma.


Padauk-made furniture is made of padauk and has an artistic and classic personality. It was only used by emperors in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and because only royals could purchase it, padauk furniture is of high rank. Besides, only the emperor could be paid it as a tribute by other countries. Later on, padauk appeared in some local places but still was used by royal families. Padauk furniture is only now used by common people.

  • http://www.redsandalwood.com/en/

Huanghuali Wood

arts in China for traveling.

Huanghuali wood was the main material used for hardwood furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Due to its yellow color, fine texture and lovely smell, it was loved by craftsmen in Ming and Qing Dynasties. In addition, Huanghuali wood can also be used to fabricate bracelets which are loved by the masses. The elegant, stable and perfect grain is the main component of Huanghuali wood bracelets, making people look gentle and peaceful. Furthermore, some even has irregular scabs generated in the growing process, making its grimace a feature.

  • Visit venue: Yuan Heng Li and Qi Bao Zhai in Beijing
  • http://www.jadevip.cn/jingpin.asp?nsort_id=4

Hetian Jade

Jade in China for traveling.

Hetian jade is not a geographical concept and doesn’t mean the jade produced in Hetian, Xinjiang Province but a First Grade product name. In China, stone with over 98% tremolite is called Hetian Jade. Generally, jade means Xinjiang Hetian Jade which consists of jade pebble and jade from mountain. Jade picked from river is called jade pebble which is good in quality but small in quantity. Jade from mountain is produced in the mountain which is big in quantity but different in quality. There are four famous jades in China, namely, Hetian Jade, Lantian Jade in Shannxi, Nanyang Jade in Henian and Xiuyan Jade in Liaoning. Hetian Jade is mainly located in the 1500 km north slope of Kunlun Mountain over Shache—Taxkorgan, Hetian—Yutian and Minfeng—Qiemo total of nine producing areas. Due to the different quality, it is commonly called Hetian Jade and Kunlun Jade.

  • http://www.jadevip.cn/jingpin.asp?nsort_id=4


Pearl, clear and bright like moonshine, represents woman’s purity and dignity. Women not only need garments in the wardrobe but also pearls in the casket. As an organic gemstone, pearl has been treated as rare treasure in ancient times. According to the research of geologists and archaeologists, pearl existed in the earth before 200 million years ago.

Beizhu Pearl - fresh water pearl

Beizhu Pearl means fresh water pearl (produced in rivers), it is the best material for cosmetology pearl powder which is mainly produced in fresh water rivers in Jilin Province and Heilongjiang Province. The best ones are produced in Songhua River, Nen River and Aihui River. Before the Qing Dynasty, Beizhu Pearl was used as tribute to emperors.

Nanzhu Pearl - Sea water pearl

Nanzhu Pearl is produced from pinctada martensii which is big, mellow, full and shining and is reputed as a national treasure. Beihai City is now the Nanzhu Pearl center of China.

  • Visit Venue: Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin
  • http://www.dsgy.com/Shoping.html

Official Ware in Song Dynasty

Official ware in the Song Dynasty is combined with traditional cultural elements and art, kilning many outstanding porcelain products and is selected as national gifts to foreign heads of state and political officials.

Song Official Ware inherits the ware production technology and essence of Official Ware in Song Dynasty, infusing fire and human art. Hence, it is a great treasure passed on from generations.

  • Visit Venue: Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Shenhai, Zhengzhou, Xiamen
  • http://www.dsgy.com/Shoping.html

Calligraphy and painting of famous persons

Antique Chinese Calligraphy and painting is an art form treasured throughout the world. The materials used are fiber-made paper and tiffany to which are added animal glue, starch, paste and other acid materials. Because of this fabrication and mounting process, the artworks mould easily and can be damaged by worms or fade and break under climatic conditions such as humidity, sunshine and heat. Hence, it is very important to master the maintenance of calligraphy and painting. Visit Venue: Beijing, Shanghai (famous calligraphy and painting exhibition)

  • Visit Venue: Beijing, Shanghai (famous calligraphy and painting exhibition)


Four famous embroideries are Suzhou, Hunan, Guangdong and Sichuan embroideries in the traditional Han Dynasty embroidery technology. Suzhou embroidery lasts for over 2000 years and is famous for fine and simple layouts, outstanding subjects and excellent techniques.

Suzhou embroidery is a generic term in Jiangsu Province centered on Suzhou. The birthplace is located in Wu County, Suzhou, close to Lake Taihu with mild temperature and is abundant in silk cloth. Therefore, it is traditional for the local female to embroider flowers. A good geographical environment, colorful brocade and tread create good conditions for the development of Suzhou embroidery. It generates beautiful patterns, harmonious colors, vivid lines, techniques and local features in its long-term development, making it famous “Oriental Pearl”.

Sichuan embroidery originated from the Han nationality in the west of Sichuan Province. In its long term development, influenced by geographical environment, customs and cultural arts, it gradually formed strict, smooth and vivid features. Sichuan embroidery is rich in subject, including flowers, trees, animals, fish and figures. Visit venue: Sichuan embroidery museum, Suzhou embroidery museum

  • Visit venue: Sichuan embroidery museum, Suzhou embroidery museum
  • http://www.sjtangka.com/


Tang Ga in China for traveling.

Thang-ga refers to religious scroll painting mounted on colorful satin for worship. It is a unique painting art form in Tibetan culture with Tibetan history, politics, culture and social life subjects. The Thang-ga which is handed down from ancient times are mostly Buddhist and Bonpo artworks which are treated as great treasures by the Tibetan people.

Thang-ga has a variety of types and varies in quality. Most are painted in cloth and paper. Also, there are embroidery, brocade, silk and appliqué Thang-ga which are integrated with pearls and jades. As a Tibetan cultural miracle, Thang-ga has been influential for over 1000 years. Hence, it is a significant and precious tangible cultural heritage in Chinese folk art.

  • Visit Venuw: Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an
  • http://www.sjtangka.com/


  • The above information is for your reference. CCT is not responsible for the authenticity and price but can help with contact.
  • Some antiques, calligraphies and paintings are not allowed to be taken from China. Please make sure they can be exported before buying. CCT is not responsible for this.