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Shopping Tips in Luoyang

Shopping Tips in Luoyang


Luoyang is rich in local specialties and handcrafts. It’s convenient for you to go shopping as most of the shopping malls gather in certain areas. The famed trio-colored glazed pottery from the Tang Dynasty has a history of hundreds of years. The Luoyang embroideries has a history of over 2,000 years which are the local traditional handcrafts. Also, there are peonies, Plum Blossom Jade and Yellow River carps, etc.

Traditional Shopping Items

Lijing Gate located behind Zhenbutong Restaurant (Zhongzhou Branch) is the place where you can find stores specializing in various and unique modern trio-colored glazed pottery from the Tang Dynasty. It’s the first-choice area to visit if you intend to buy the most traditional handcrafts of this kind. Passing through Lingjing Gate, you can go deeper into the Old Street of Luoyang, which has an antique beauty and offers local snacks.

Modern Life

No shopping malls in Luoyang can be more characterized by modernity than Xinduhui, a shopping center that is located at the intersection of Zhongzhou Zhong Road (in the center of the western industrial area) and Jiefang Road. As it is close to Wangcheng Park and Luoyang Railway Station, it will not cost you too much to take a taxi there (the flag-fall price is only 6 Yuan). The shopping center is composed of four stories and three sections:

The International Brand-Name Street: Carrefour, brand-name clothing stores

Zhonghua Shitongtian Snack Street: Snacks Plaza, eateries (recommendation: Baiwan Mutton Soup Store)

Recreational Center: Bars, cinemas (recommendation: BABYFACE)