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Tibet Museum

Tibet Museum

The Tibet Museum is located at the southeast corner of Norbulingka in Lhasa city. It is a modern museum built in 1994 that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It has an area of 53,959meters squared and with a construction area of 23,508 meters squared, it has an exhibition hall that takes up 10,451 meters squared. The unique Tibetan architectural and artistic styles, and the museums modern facilities display an efficient management and layout.

When entering the main exhibition hall visitors are attracted by the beautiful and exquisite ornament beams, pillars, wall hangings, and so on. The two exhibition halls on the first floor show the history of Tibet and its abundant natural resources. On the second floor there five relatively small exhibition halls that exhibit Tibetan religion, folk customs, arts and crafts, and other treasures.

The Tibet Museum houses a rich collection of prehistoric objects, like the Buddha statues in different postures, imperial jade seals, other gifts granted by ancient Emperors, and various Tibetan scriptures. You can also see a variety of folk art such as unique Tibetan handicrafts, costumes, jewelry, and ornaments made of gold, silver, jade, and so on.

The Tibet Museum is an ideal place for seminars and some religious events to be conducted to due its scale. The Tibet Museum has attracted an increasing number of people overseas because of the unique Tibetan culture exhibited. In the museum there are Tibetan, English, Japanese, and Chinese interpreters to help visitors to better understand the splendid culture of Tibet.