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Shopping Tips in Lhasa

Shopping Tips in Lhasa

You can buy lots of locally produced ethnic handicrafts in Lhasa. Every visitor coming to Lhasa can’t help but buy some for taking back home as souvenirs. 

Barkhor Street is the main commercial centre for shopping. Although some goods are fake or inferior in quality, you can easily tell them apart from the good stuff. As long as you are patient and careful you can hunt down some bargains. There is a wide range of choices: various Tibetan ornaments, Nepales jewelry, and pendants, elaborate handicrafts, musical instruments (used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass), carpets, tapestries, Thang-ga pictures and so on. Generally speaking, the goods here can be bartered down to about three times lower than the original price.

The Ethnic Handicraft Market next to the Barkhor Street is also a good place for shopping. Don’t buy Tibetan medicine, caterpillar fungus and crocuses in the Barkhor Street as most of them are counterfeit. If you really want to buy some, you can go to the Tibetan Traditional Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory of Tibet Autonomous Region, the Tibetan Traditional Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory of Lhasa or their attached retailing departments, but haggling is not welcome in these places.

The Zongjiaolukang Market beside the Potala Palace is the biggest market for buying fruits and vegetables.

Tips: If you have a Tibetan knife with you, do remember that knives are not allowed in the airplanes and neither is consigning. The only possible way left for you is to turn to the post office. The Beijing Road post office sitting adjacent to the northern Barkhor Street and is the head post office of Lhasa. It provides faster service than any of the small post offices.