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Recreation in Lhasa

Recreation in Lhasa

There are lots of places to have fun in Lhasa. Cinemas, KTVs, nightclubs and even teahouses, are great options but the best bet is to visit a local Tibetan bar.

In the bars, you can not only taste delicious Tibetan food, but also have a chance to enjoy performances of local dances and songs. Bars that are the most popular amongst the independent travelers include the Heaven Back Packer, Traveler Bar, the Ganglamedo, the Makye Ame and the Dunya Bar. Most of them are on Beijing Road, right next to the Barkhor Street and the Jokhang Monastery.

Most of the hot springs here are geothermal. The freezing cold plateau, boiling hot springs, whirling snow and holy snow mountains make for an amazing experience. The Yangbajing Hot Spring Sanitariums and the Dezhong Hot Spring Sanitariums are both great choices.

There are some snow mountains suitable for beginners to do some mountain climbing exercises. The Luzi Peak and Qizi Peak, covered year round with snow, are cleared for climbing and well developed. The best time for climbing is April, May, September and October. There’s no harm in giving it a shot under the guidance of the skilled coaches.