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Lhasa Carpet Factory

Lhasa Carpet Factory

The carpets made in Tibet are among one the 3 best kinds of carpets in the world. Tibetan carpet making is a traditional craft in Tibet. Tibetans use rugs for many purposes, such as hanging on the walls, hanging to horse saddles, seating, and flooring.

With a long history, the making of Tibetan rugs is unique in that they are mostly handmade, the process of which including spinning, dyeing, weaving, trimming and so on.

In a Lhasa Carpet Factory, hundreds of experienced weavers use the traditional looms to weave carpets. All the carpets are hand-made in different sizes and designs and for different purposes.

When you visit a Tibetan Carpet Factory, you can get one or more carpets for your family and friends. Cushions, rugs, shawls, simple decorations… they can be used in various ways as long as you are good at imagining.