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Tsurphu Monastery

Tsurphu Monastery

Tsurphu Monastery (Chinese pinyin: Chu bu) is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery that served as the seat of the Karmapa (the founder of the White Sect of Lamaism). It is located in Gurum Town in Tibet, which is 70 kilometers away from Lhasa. With an elevation of 4,267 meters, Tsurphu Monastery is located in the middle of the valley with high snowy peaks surrounding the complex.

With a history of about 800 years, Tsurphu Monastery is a 300 square-meter complex surrounded by 4-meter, thick walls. It was founded by the first Karmapa named Düsum Khyenpa. The monastery once accommodated 1000 monks in the past.

The main hall of Tsurphu Monastery is dominated by statues of Sakyamuni and the objects of the Sixteenth Karmapa Lama, which depict the successive Karmapa lamas.

Visiting the Tsurphu Monastery may not be as interesting as visiting other monasteries because of the high altitude and steep paths. However, for tourists who are interested in climbing and learning the ancient customs of monks, it is a great place to go. Additionally, the scenery is natural and quite attractive.