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Shopping in Kunming

Shopping in Kunming

A myriad of department stores, shopping malls, franchises and supermarkets are scattered throughout Kunming city. Thus, it’s quite easy and convenient for you to do some shopping in Kunming. The distance between the stores is comparatively short and most of the shopping malls gather in a certain area. The Youth Road, Dongfeng Road and Zhengyi Road are good places to shop you can buy any necessities for your trip here. If you want to buy some local specialties, Wal-Mart is the ideal place for you as its goods are genuine at fair prices. Going to Wal-Mart is definitely better than to the shopping stands around the scenic spots.

One of the features of shopping in Kunming is that flowers are sold by catty. The former renowned flower market in Shangyi Street has already been relocated. Presently, the best place for you to buy some flowers is the flower market in Cha Street, which is located in the center of the city. The former flower market in Shangyi Street has now been moved to Cha Street. It’s also the biggest flower market in the downtown area of the city.

Address: in front of the back door of the Tuodong Stadium

Route: No. 1, No. 62, No. 117 or No. Al (get off the bus at the museum station); No. 74, No. 114, No. 109 or No.111 (get off the bus at Cha Street)

In addition, not only are flowers or birds available in the market on Fanxing Street, but also various ethnic handcrafts. The handcrafts (such as ivory carvings and Jianchuan wood carvings) in Kunming are quite famous. Most of the specialties include types of dried wild mushrooms, batiks and tie-dyed fabrics. Also, you can also buy such unique products that can be rarely seen in any other place as tropical fruits, Burmese jewelries, red teaks and herbs in high and cold region. Many ethnic decorations, jewelries and other items can also be found in here.