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A Brief Introduction to the Catering in Kunming

A Brief Introduction to the Catering in Kunming

Strangers conclude the features of Yunnan cuisine as, “It’s inferior to the spicy taste of Guizhou and the hot taste of Sichuan.” For people from provinces that favor insipid food, Yunnan cuisine might be a bit too hot for them, while for people from Sichuan or Hunan where hot food is popular, Yunnan cuisine might not satisfy their taste buds. However, it’s this difference that makes Yunnan cuisine so rich in local uniqueness and ethnic taste. As the capital city of Yunnan province, Kunming is the junction of various Yunnan local delicacies. Additionally, the Kunming people are gluttons of food, thus you can easily taste the various unique local food.

Rice-flour noodles are to the Kunming people what McDonald is to the westerners. The wild mushrooms and funguses are blessings of nature for human beings. You have to taste the crossing-over bridge rice-flour noodles, wild funguses and steamed pot chicken if you go to Kunming. Moreover, specialty restaurants from around the country can also be found in the large streets and small lanes of Kunming. Specialty restaurants from as far as Harbin in the north, Guangdong in the south and provinces in central China scatter and boom all around Kunming. If you’re not a fan of the Yunnan dish, you can choose from various specialty restaurants to satisfy your appetite. The most popular restaurants are the Yunnan restaurants that have a strong local taste.

In Kunming, there are typical places where you can taste the traditional local delicacies.

If you want to taste traditional Yunnan dishes, the 1910 West Train Station and the Shanghe Guildhall nearby are good places to go. The local delicacies there are traditional and scrumptious. Furthermore, you have to taste the steamed pot chicken in the North Gate restaurant and the specialty dishes of the Dai in Kundu as they’re all distinctive and unique.

If you want to give the local delicacies a shot, Shuncheng Street, Jingxin Street, Xinying residential areas and its nearby places are ideal destinations for you because the delicacies are both delicious and cost-friendly. The Southwest Commercial Building is the very place where the local people prefer to go to have some traditional local delicacies. The Baoshan Street Food City offer various local delicacies and the prices that are reasonable so it’s a perfect choice for independent travelers. The Guanxing Road is also a perfect place to taste excellent wild mushrooms and funguses.