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Recreation in Kunming

Recreation in Kunming

The entertaining activities in Kunming are different compared to those of other modern cities in China. Such places of entertainment include bars, KTV, and Internet cafes that can be easily found in Kunming. Kundu is one of the places where many soft rock bars and KTV gather there. It’s full of excitement at night. The Jinma Biji Lane and its surrounding areas are home to entertaining places that are quite popular amongst the young people. There are many unique, but expensive bars around Cuihu Lake.

Apart from the activities mentioned above, there are other events in the scenic spots that avidly entertain travelers. Driving a Karting car or riding a horse around Yeya Lake is wonderful and thrilling, while enjoying the open-air hot springs in Anning Hot Spring Center is relaxing and comforting. In winter, you can see the red-beak galls in Cuihu Lake.

What are worth mentioning are the ethnic dances in Yunnan. Yunnan is a place where many ethnic minorities live in compact communities with various unique and time-honored dances. Some example are as followed: the moon dances, the box dances, the Luozuo dances and the colorful drum dances of the Axi people, the peacock dances and the ivory drum dances of the Dai people, the Munao dances of the Jingbo people, the silver pheasant dances, fan dances and the twisted drum dances of the Hani people, the whip dances and double dances of the Bai people, the Lusheng dances of the Lugu people, the Dongba dances of the Naxi people, the circle dances and the Xianzi dances of the Tibetan people, the coppery ring dances of the Yao people, the Lusheng dances of the Miao people, the production dances of the Nu people, the lute dances of the Lisu people, the big drum dances of the Bulang people, the bamboo tube dances of the Jinuo people, the Deng Eluo dances of the Achang people, the water drum dances of the Deang people, the Piaoniu dances of the Dulong people, the Qina Gezao dances of the Mongolian people, the Huilong dances of the Hui people, among others.

For most visitors, it’s very difficult to go deep into the villages of ethnic minorities to appreciate these dances. While in such scenic areas the village of the ethnic minorities, there are many folk dance performances that expose visitors to a traditional, ethnic lifestyle.

The cultural activities can be found throughout Yunnan. Trading fairs, flowers and trees exhibitions, festive celebrations, painting exhibitions and photographic exhibitions follow one another all the year round, greatly enriching the local people’s recreational life.