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Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake

General Introduction

Dianchi Lake scenic area is located in the southwest region of Kunming as a popular attraction in the city. The rich history shows you infinite historical sites of the Stone Age and other dynasties along with diverse cultures open a door for you to embark on a journey of exploring mystery, hospitable ethnic minorities. You’ll have also have opportunities to experience a journey full of warmth and uniqueness and abundant natural scenery.

Dianchi Lake

Boasting an area of about 300 square kilometers, Dianchi is the sixth largest freshwater lake in China and has long been hailed “A Pearl On the plateau.” Its majestic and picturesque scenery has contributed to its extraordinary beauty. Unfortunately, the lake has been badly polluted throughout the years. Despite previous efforts made to save the lake, they are still far from being successful.

The lake has the shape of a crescent and is about 39 kilometers in length, 13 kilometers in width. Its natural banks are formed by mountains on all four sides. More than twenty rivers with a shoreline of around 163.2 kilometers surround the lake. Its four surrounding hills captivate visitors to look with excitement. Boats are available for you to take in the beauty of the lake and explore the cradle of Yunnan culture.

Ethnic Minorities

Villages of 25 ethnic groups scatter along the area, creating a good shortcut for visitors to take a closer look at the traditions and customs of ethnic groups in Yunnan. They have their own activities including folktales and featuring beautiful clothes and outfits that reflect their uniqueness. There is also characterized by local delicacies and exquisite handicrafts, which will be deeply carved in your memories. Additionally, performances by ethnic groups and water screen movies will put you in a magical world that you've never seen.

Haigeng Bank Park

Eight kilometers to downtown lies Haigeng Bank Park, which goes from Haigeng Village in the East to the foot of Western Hill in the West, dividing Dianchi Lake into two parts. The southern part is renowned for the vast Dianchi Lake and the northern part has a reputation as “the Sea of Grasses.” There, you can witness exuberant trees making pleasant shade and water ripples on the surface.

The Haigeng Bank naturally contributes to 4 scenic areas. The East serves as a national sports training base; the central area offers superb sand-bathing spots where you’ll be impressed by the soft sands; the West area situates the sightseeing district where you can go boating and fishing; and the North is as a sanitarium district where you can relax. In addition, holiday villages were built around the scenic areas for you to enjoy the scenery year round.