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Shopping in Kashgar

Shopping in Kashgar

Kashgar region is known for its handicraft products which is not only diversity in kinds but unique in local characteristics. For instance, beautiful and comfortable carpets, diverse caps, old and elegant pottery, fine-made accessories, small but chic Yengiser knifes, colorful and gorgeous Yidelaisi silk, economical and pragmatic calico and sorts of ethical musical instruments. All of them are good souvenirs to the tourists at home and aboard.

Kashgar has a beautiful name,“home of fruits”. Figs, sea-buckthorn, pistachio, Jiashi melon, pear, almond, grape, peach, mulberry, Osage apple, and walnut are famous, especially those nationwide produced in Ye City, which called “home of Osage apple”.

In Kashgar there are many shopping places, including BaZha which have existed since old time, located near the square of Id Kah Mosque, the “city parlor”. It is the most famous traveling and shopping streets. The poles, porches and handrail are decorated with plastering, painting, woodcarving, matting bricks, which embodying the Uyghur architecture style. All kinds of handicrafts, delicious snakes get together here.

Tips: When shopping, you can bargain with the seller. If you fail to buy it, you should put your right hand on the breast and say, “I won’t buy it, thank you.” Keep in mind not offending the Uyghur siblings.