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Abakh Khoja Tomb

Abakh Khoja Tomb

Abakh Khoja Tomb (also called Xiangfei Tomb) in Haohan Village is 5 kilometers east of Kashgar. It is considered the holiest Muslim site in Xinjiang. The Abakh Khoja Tomb contains a group of beautiful and magnificent buildings.

Originally built in 1640, the beautiful tiled Abakh Khoja Mausoleum contains the tombs of 72 members of five generations of the Abakh Khoja family. Abakh Khoja was the great-grand son of the famous “Great Sufi Master” named Ahmad Kasani. Abakh Khoja was a political and religious ruler in various regions of present-day Xinjiang, such as Kashgar, Hotan, Korla, and so on. By then, he was respected by people as a Sufi teacher. Some Uyghurs even considered him as a sayid. Abakh Khoja had a significant influence on the religion of Xinjiang and Gansu where he preached. Several of his descendants also played important roles in the politics within Xinjiang.

Abakh Khoja Tomb is also called Xiangfei (Fragrant Imperial Concubine) Tomb because legend has it that the most beloved imperial Concubine of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty called “Xiangfei” was buried there.

It was said that the granddaughter of Abakh Khoja was presented to Emperor Qianlong as an imperial concubine. She was called Xiangfei (Chinese pinyin) because of the rich fragrance of flower emitting from her body. After she died, her remains were escorted back to Kashgar and buried in the Abakh Khoja Tomb. This is why the mausoleum is also called Xiangfei Tomb.

The Abakh Khoja Tomb is composed of Tomb’s Hall, the Doctrine-Teaching Hall, the Grand Mosque, the Gate Tower, and so on. The Tomb’s Hall is exquisitely decorated with glazed tiles of various colors. The hall is tall and spacious without the support of columns. The tombs built of glazed bricks with elegant patterns are arranged in order inside the hall. The Grand mosque at the west of the Tomb Hall is where Muslims have service on important days. Abakh Khoja Tomb is a quiet and beautiful place to visit.