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Shopping in Huangshan

Shopping in Huangshan

Huangshan was a prefecture of Huizhou in the past. Thus, it boasts time-honored culture and tradition of doing business. Meanwhile, they enjoy favorable natural conditions. As a result, visitors to Huangshan cannot miss the local handcrafts or healthy specialties.

When it comes to souvenirs, the primary choice for you are Maofeng tea leaves as well as inks and ink stones (two of the four stationary treasures of the Chinese study), which enjoy a nationwide reputation.

“Where there is an immortal mountain, there is a rare herb.” The Maofeng tea leave in Huangshan excellent in quality and reasonable in price. You can bring some back home. If you visit Huangshan in spring, you can’t miss newly picked tea.

As two of the four stationary treasures of the Chinese study, the Hui inks and She ink stones are the finest in China. However, a lack of raw materials and a loss of workmanship endanger their production. In a computer area, the widely accessible internet has replaced paper and ink stones. They are no longer in great demand any more. This is the reason that prices are rising. If you visit Huangshan, you can definitely buy some souvenirs.

All the local specialties are available in the specialty shops in the downtown area, Tunxi Old Street and the shops nearby the river in Tangkou.

Tips for Shopping

Here is how to pick tea leaves: Before buying tea leaves, you should taste them in advance. If you are good at haggling, you can get the price down to 2/3 of the original price. The prices of canned tea leave the supermarket are more reasonable and quality is guaranteed. If you’re not an expert in picking tea leaves, you can go to the supermarket.

How to pick She ink stones: You should examine textures and observe slicing techniques. In the old streets, some stores sell ink stones in its front while making new ones in the back. The stores that are nicely furnished sell excellent ink stones. An excellent ink stone can cost over 150 RMB. Before you start bargaining the price, you can have a talk with the boss asking him/her questions regarding the ink stones. This way, you can make them feel like you respect their workmanship and crafts. This will also allow you to bargain better.

How to pick Hui inks: Hui inks are quite cheap. An ordinary one can cost as low as 5 RMB and an excellent one can cost up to 20 RMB. However, you should be careful dealing with the local people that canvass business in the scenic spots. You should be cautious in case they charge you an unreasonable price.