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Recreation in Huangshan

Recreation in Huangshan

Recreational activities in Huangshan vary. Apart from enjoying the hot springs, experiencing the temple fairs by the rivers and going on a cruise in the local-style boats, you can also enjoy local special night activities have to offer, particularly to the local Hui opera performances in the newly-opened Xiangming Opera House.

Xiangming Opera House

Located in the western suburbs, Xiangming Opera House covers an area of about 8,000 square meters with 1,500 regular seats and 22 VIP seats. The engineer and designer of the opera house introduced most advanced equipment and technology in the world in its construction, including an 8-meter-high and 22-meter-long HD screen that reaches the advanced international standards.

The central stage of the opera house is made up of five sets of all-dimensional rising platforms. There are many sections equipped with the world’s most advanced stereo-system, lighting system, rain curtain system, sponging system, imported laser lamps, traveling backdrop stand, large real-scene waterfall stage as well as such high-end stage equipments as “raising the moon in the water.”

The most wonderful opera is Charming Anhui directed by Duan Jianping, a famous director in China. Five acts make up the opera, namely Huangshans Beauty in the Changing Course of SeasonsEarth and HeavenA Dream of HuizhouHui Opera Entering the Capital and The Local Lifestyle of Anhui.

Based on the geographic feature of its famous mountains and great rivers, inspired by the time-honored culture of Huizhou, adapted from the story of local troupe’s entering Beijing, by means of such multimedia technologies that include sound, light and electricity as well as the dynamic and colorful stage decoration. Hui opera depicts year-round magnificent sceneries of Huangshan, crowned as the “the most majestic ecological formation in existence,” and vividly present artistic forms as acrobatics ,legend, custom, etc.