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Chengkan Village

Chengkan Village

Chengkan village in Huizhou District, Anhui province is famous for its residential architecture from the Ming and Qing style. Baolun Hall in the Ancestral Temple of Luo's was built during the Jiaqing's reign and is a representative collection of typical Huizhou architecture.

The temple has an area of 5 mu (1/3 hectare). Baolun Hall was well-designed and constructed with extreme attention to detail. Through the first entrance, visitors reach "Tianjing," which is  a square dooryard with rooms on each side designed for lighting and draught. Second, there is a great hall, in which four vermilion posts support the timber frame. Further across a yard is the main hall, also known as Baolun Hall.

The design of this timber frame hall is delicate and unique. Exquisite engravings of flowers and geometric patterns on the bluestone parapets and creative colored paintings on the beams, lintels and doorframe lure various foreign visitors. The colors remain bright and fresh throughout the ages. A pair of wooden staircases ascend to the second floor on which through the finely engraved casements, visitors can have a perspective of the Huangshan Mountains.

The residential houses in Chengkan village are of high value in the field of China's folk architecture and as a result they’ve been designated as a provincial preservation.