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Meals & Restaurants

Chinese meals

We can recommend some fine local restaurants to match your actual travel budget. Together with your family members, you can order food, drink beer, use chopsticks, eat rice and chat like the Chinese people do. You will definitely be spoiled by our unique Chinese delicacies. By the way, being loud is very much a part of our Chinese dinner culture, so don't be surprised if the locals are noisy and even smoke in the restaurant.

1. The usual price of meals that we arrange for you is about 10 USD per person unless you have special or particular requests. Alternatively you can order food yourself according to your own taste.

2. Your hotel provides breakfast for you, usually a choice of Chinese or Western style. Given that it is part of the hotel service we don't have a say in arranging your breakfast.

3. Local restaurants are usually small eateries that are popular in their own neighborhood, which often best represent local culinary arts. You can choose dishes and drinks within the value of the meal plan included with your trip. If you would like additional, or more expensive dishes this will be at your own expense. In these local restaurants you can choose to use (or try) chopsticks, a Chinese spoon for your soup, and a glass to drink beer, wine or liquor. In this way, you can truly experience the local dining culture. You can talk to your tour guide about the dishes you don't like. We will try our best to meet your requests. Normally we would arrange some scrumptious special delicacies for you, such as roast duck, dumplings, wheaten food and rice. You can also try the spicy Hunan dishes and Sichuan dishes, red and white hotpot, Mongolian-style hotpot, grilled mutton, beer-braised fish and beer-braised duck. A trip around China is a trip around different cuisines, all of them marvelous!

4. If you want to splurge on a sumptuous Chinese meal, it will cost around 50-150 dollars per person. You will be spoiled for choice from wonderful and famous restaurants: Fangshan (serving royal court dishes), Dadong (serving roast duck), Mei's Mansion and Family Li Restaurant in Beijing; Tanghua Yuefu, Real Love Chang'an and Shengtang Yuyan in Xi'an; Pujiang Xuan, Yongfuhui, Tiandi Yijia and Lvbolang (Yuyuan Road) in Shanghai; China Club, Zhengqifu, Zifei and Qihe Xuan in Chengdu; Taste Made and Zhishan Zhimei in Guilin; and Michelin in Hong Kong.

5. Vegetarian meals: there are a number of vegetarian restaurants in China. If there are no professional restaurants of this kind in the small cities you are visiting, we will coordinate with the restaurant and arrange a vegetarian meal for you per your requirements.

6. Halal meals: Halal restaurants are widely found in most of the cities in China. As China has millions of Muslims, you can always find traditional halal restaurants wherever you go, including such places as Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guilin, Chengdu, Xinjiang and Shanxi.

7. Special meals: If you have special food requests for your honeymoon or anniversary with your beloved, just tell us. We will make arrangements for you, including a surprise and romantic meal.

8. Normally, you start ordering food with the help of your tour guide when you arrive at the restaurant. If you have special requests (for example, you may prefer fish without bones in it), just tell us in advance and we will arrange the kind of Chinese dishes you like. If you prefer a quiet and non-smoking restaurant, we will also try our best to meet your requests.

9. Restaurants attached to hotels: our plan does not normally cover all your dinners. We simply arrange some dinners featuring local cuisine for you, such as roast duck and hotpot. So when you wish to dine at the hotel we recommend you arrange it yourself directly with the hotel. As for dining time, we suggest you have a nice dinner with your families when you are back at the hotel and refresh yourself after a day's tour. It is worth noting that dinners served by the hotels are usually more expensive than those in the local restaurants. Our guides will be happy to provide suggestions for you if you want to venture out on your own.