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Travel Numbers and Cost

China travel numbers and cost

Our tailor-made private tours cater for any number of travelers that you wish. The difference between tailor-made private tours and group organized tours is that we will not include strangers on your trip. So if you book a tailor-made private tour, you can enjoy your time by yourself, or with your partner, family, friends or colleagues. You will not share your trip with strangers.

1. A private tour is totally different from a group tour. You can make your own travel plans.

2. The travelers in your group are your family and friends, or you can travel by yourself. It's more fun when you already know the other travelers in your group.

3. You are the one who decides how many people travel with you. Normally these are your family, friends and colleagues, with whom you are all familiar.

4. There are five different group sizes:

  • 1 person (solo traveler)
  • 2-5 persons
  • 6-9 persons
  • 10-15 persons
  • and over 16 persons

Solo travel is the most expensive as no one shares the costs of hotels, cars and tour guides. As the group size increases the cost per person reduces, ie in terms of the five different group sizes mentioned above, the costs per person decrease from the first type (1 person) to the last (over 16 persons). Why not ask your friends and relatives to join your trip and reduce overall costs? Besides, wouldn't it be great to have your chosen friends and relatives along on your special trip!

5. The lowest cost applies when there are 16 people in your group or multiples of 16. In this case, one of you can enjoy a free trip. That means the 16th person will travel free of charge, and the same is also true for the 32nd person and the 48th person. So in a group of 32 people, two travel free, in a group of 48 people three travel at no cost, and so on.

6. Alternatively you could look for travel enthusiasts to join you. For example, you could post your itinerary and the price on Facebook, or find like-minded travelers in your company or community. FYI: You'd better pick those who are nice and easygoing.