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Songtsam Shangri-La

Songtsam Shangri-La

Songtsam Shangri-La is a 4-story high structure in a secluded and tranquil land, between Songtsam Lama Temple and Kena ancient village. There, you will be blessed by a profusion of wonderful things on earth, the vast expanse of grassland that is the natural product of a long-dried-up lake, the extending mountains, flocks of birds, lamas reciting Buddhist scripture, and Tibetan villagers working in the field. You would feel that you have never been so close to such things and that you have already become a part of these things there. It’s also so quiet that you can hear your own heartbeat, along with the sounds of birds flying about.

Songtsam Shangri-La boasts profound cultural diversity that can be found in its exquisite Tibetan-style rooms. Everything is representative of Tibetan culture and enveloped in melodious music. The white curtains flutter in the wind, the colorful Thang-ga, the carvings and paintings, the adornments, the mattress, and the sheet. Tibetan culture has its presence everywhere in the hotel. It may occur to you sometime that the hotel is indeed a platform for cultural exchange.

Songtsam Shangri-La is also a warm harbor for relaxation. There, you will be spoiled with traditional Tibetan cuisine. In the terrace study, you can immerse yourself in a thought-provoking book while taking a sip of tea under the sun. In the bar downstairs, you can enjoy a Western-style meal by the fireplace and have a drink with acquaintances from around the world. You can also simply open the window and look far into the distance at the extending mountains or climb a small hillside to smell the fragrance of grasses. When happiness comes by, you need to open your arms and embrace it

Ambient environment: Songtsam Lama Temple, Napa Lake (Napahai) Nature Reserve