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Songtsam Retreat at Shangri-La

Songtsam Retreat at Shangri-La

Songtsam Retreat at Shangri-La features unique architectural styles and exquisite designs. Visiting there will allow you to experience a distinctive Tibetan-style accommodation. The retreat is 25 kilometers away from Diqing Airport and a 5 minute drive to Songtsam Lama Temple. With its picturesque sceneries, the retreat has modern and fashionable spa services, along with serving local delicacies.

The hotel has an area of 21 acres with a total of 24 stone-made buildings. Passing the entrance with wood carvings, you will observe the priceless Tibetan-style artworks displayed in the hotel lobby. These artworks include the two age-old bronze Buddhist statues and exquisite tapestry. While staying in the hotel, you will be surrounded by the unique charm of Shangri-La and embark on a journey of exploring traditional Tibetan culture.

For those in search of an adventure, Shangri-La is the place to visit. Everything there is breathtaking, while the warm, Tibetan-style greeting ceremonies, sacred peacefulness and tranquility of this mystical land attracts and intoxicates its visitors.

Ambient environment: Songtsam Lama Temple