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Banyan Tree Ringha

Banyan Tree Ringha

Located at Shangri-La, the border between Yunnan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region is the Banyan Tree Ringha. It features a combination of hotel culture of the Banyan Tree and local ambience. The hotel will give you a unique accommodation experience that is unforgettable.

The hotel has Tibetan-style cottages of various types, among which 15 are single rooms, 8 are double rooms, and 6 are spring shower facilities. Each room is equipped with a luxury shower room hand-made wooden built-in bath. Other facilities include a mini bar, a safe box, a coffee machine, tea set, hair dryer, private bathrobes, beddings, a telephone, and a color TV (that can receive international TV programs). Professional ironing services are also available there.

The cottages are all purchased from Tibetan families and relocated to the current site of the hotel. Renovations have been made to these cottages without losing traditional architectural styles of Tibetan residences. The hotel rooms are all adorned with numerous Tibetan artworks and colorfully knitted carpets and curtains, which are both bright and exquisite. Other facilities include a fireplace (in the lobby), restaurant, bar and a reading room.

The Banyan Tree Spa (receiving numerous awards and honors) has 3 standard therapy rooms and 2 luxury therapy rooms (with spring shower and bathing facilities). Many therapy choices are available to you, including hot stone massage and others. Special therapies are also provided for those who have travelled for long hours and have muscle aches as a result. You can alleviate fatigue during these sessions.

The hotel has 3 restaurants of distinctive styles, which are called LLAMO, CHANGSA and JAKHANG. LLAMO is translated in Tibetan as a sacred place for activities and gatherings. In LLAMO, you can taste various delicious Chinese and Western cuisines while appreciating local performances. Also, you can enjoy local barbecues in the villas if you want.

Ambient environment: Songtsam Lama Temple, Napa Lake (Napahai)