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Yindu Hotel in Urumqi

Yindu Hotel in Urumqi

Yindu Hotel is a deluxe business hotel that once received the Five Star Diamond Award. Yindu Hotel has been designated as a hotel for receiving political leaders. It has hosted a number of political leaders ever since its establishment, including the vice president of Cuba, the chairman of the Thailand Congress, the former president of the Philippines, the president of Iran, the president of Kazakhstan, the princess of Thailand, the president of Pakistan, the president of Afghanistan and the president of Turkey. It has long been renowned both at the domestic and the international level.

Yindu Hotel has facilities that can meet various needs. It has deluxe and cozy rooms of various sizes equipped with complete facilities, and provides superb and excellent professional services, ensuring that you can have a pleasant experience there. The hotel has 6 restaurants of distinctive styles, including: its Yue Xiang Gong Chinese Restaurant is modern and elegantly furnished, its Muslim Halal Restaurant features the local ethic flavor; its Rose Western-style Restaurant serves a variety of European cuisines. Additionally, the hotel has a magnificent multifunctional hall, a bar, a gym, a fitness center, modern amenities, and an indoor parking lot.

Yindu Hotel is a business hotel with a complete service of business, catering, accommodation and entertainment facilities. It is equipped with self-monitoring devices, satellite TVs, central air-conditioners, computerizing devices, brand new electronic firefighting system, and DDN Internet access. It is an ideal accommodation during your stay in Urumqi.

Yindu Hotel awaits your arrival with personalized and meticulous services.

Surrounding environment: Hongshan Park, the People’s Park