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Jiaohe Manor Hotel in Turpan

Jiaohe Manor Hotel

Jiaohe Manor Hotel is Urumqi’s only advanced hotel that comes in the shape of a castle from the medieval times. From a distance, it features the architectural style of the castle of the Tang and Han dynasties, but with a closer look you will find that it’s influenced by modernity. This manor and urban area are integrated as a whole. The hotel is given the name “Jiaohe” for its geographical distance to Jiaohe ancient town.

Jiaohe Manor Hotel has 125 rooms (that can altogether accommodate 250 guests), small-sized meeting rooms and multifunctional halls, as well as a 100-seat elegantly adorned Chinese restaurant, in which singing and dancing performances are given demonstrating local culture. Additionally, the hotel has a Western-style restaurant with a seating capacity of 100, featuring a combination of antique style and modern elements. Here, traditional Chinese culture and modernity are in a perfect fusion.

Jiaohe Manor Hotel stands unequalled in the catering and hotel industries of Turpan. It makes a great contribution to the local tourism industry as well. For many years, it has not failed to attract visitors due to its extraordinary charm. Jiaohe Manor Hotel awaits your arrival with gracious hospitality and meticulous services.