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Taiyuan Jinci Hotel

Taiyuan Jinci Hotel

Located at the foot of Mt. Xuanweng, which is southwest of Taiyuan (the capital city of Shanxi Province), Jinci Hotel is next to the renowned Jin Memorial Temple. Established in 1957, it’s a five-star hotel certified by China National Tourism Administration. As Shanxi’s only state hotel, it has received over a hundred state leaders and famous figures domestic and abroad, including President Liu Shaoqi, Commander-in-Chief Zhu De, President Jiang Zemin and President Hu Jintao. With an area of 518 hectares, it has a green coverage ratio of 70 percent. Marked by its unique royal gardens and villa-style architecture, it has long been crowned as a garden hotel and Shanxi’s Diaoyutai State Guesthouse (a famous historic hotel and guesthouse complex in Beijing).

The renovation and reconstruction of the hotel was completed in June 2006. It inherited concepts included people-orientation and harmony, the renovation features high standards and excellent tastes.  The hotel is equipped with top notch designs and facilities characterized by a perfect fusion of culture, architecture, garden and modern facilities. There, a oneness of natural and architectural beauty as well as modern beauty is achieved. The hotel has a literary ambience, picturesque scenery, artistic beauty and comfort throughout.

 Jinci Hotel is well-known for its extraordinarily refined and elegant environment. There, the architectural style of traditional Chinese gardens and that of classic Western-style gardens are combined. It’s indeed a melting pot of Chinese traditional culture, Western culture and local culture. With the glistening Nine Dragon Lake and the spectacular Mt. Xuanweng around, its man-made springs, rockeries, corridors and pavilions are integrated with the nearby trees and flowers, adding more charm to one another. You may find there are gardens inside gardens and sceneries beyond sceneries. You will be also embraced by different sceneries everywhere you go. At the end of the day, you may find yourself reluctant to say goodbye to such a royal garden-style hotel. 

Currently, Jinci Hotel has 11 uniquely designed villa-style reception buildings with distinctive styles, taking on a solemn, elegant and luxury look. It’s furnished with Chinese and Western-style president suites, deluxe suites, standard rooms and single rooms. Besides, it has 29 refined Chinese and Western-style restaurants as well as banquet halls, among which the largest has a seating capacity of 1,000. All of them meet the requirements of hosting banquets, buffets and reception parties of various types. Its restaurants not only specialize in Cantonese, Sichuan, Huaiyang and Shanxi cuisines, but also develop their own unique royal cuisine and buffet culture with innovative efforts. In addition, it has 29 conference rooms of different sizes, which are geared toward the needs of hosting conferences, seminars, receptions, ceremonies and business negotiations of different levels. Among them, the 600-seat international conference center is equipped with a 16-channel booth for simultaneous interpreting, providing a strong assurance for instant translation and visual conference. Its state club is furnished with Taiyuan’s most advanced heated swimming pool (with an automatic disinfector), a standard tennis court, KTV rooms, sauna bating rooms, spas and bars. It’s an ideal place for relaxation. It will be a perfect choice whether you are on business trip, self-guided tour or traveling for fun. It also provides the most decent place for hosting conferences and receiving distinguished guests.

As a member of China Famous Hotels Corporation, Jinci Hotel has received various awards and honors ever since its establishment, such as “the world’s best conference hotel” by the World Tourism Association (2008), China Hotel Golden Horse Award (2009) and China Green Leaf Hotel, to name just a few. Also, it is a designated hotel for central government officials.

Surrounding environment: Jin Memorial Temple Park (the hotel is 2.7 kilometers away from downtown Taiyuan)