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MGM Grand Sanya

MGM Grand Sanya

MGM Grand Sanya is a 5-star hotel of international standard located in the soft and warm beach of Yalong Bay, offering its clients a superb and unparalleled recreational experience. Housing 665 rooms, 50 suites and 6 separate beach villas, the hotel is an embodiment of a brand-new entertainment and catering concept in China. With the most stunning seascapes of the South China Sea, the hotel boasts a spa center and a swimming pool as well as the best venue for a variety of activities. With a favorable geographic location, the hotel is an ideal place for hosting exhibitions, conferences and other events in Hainan Island or even Southeast Asia.

Thorough renovations and upgrades will be made to MGM Grand Sanya. A brand-new building is said to be erected on its east side, which will be in the shape of the letter “Y.” Once completed, the new hotel is expected to have an area of 107,000 square meters, among which 69,000 are newly constructed while the other 38,000 square meters are newly renovated. The construction of the hotel meets the standard of 5-star hotels, involving a total investment of 1.2 billion RMB. The hotel is expected to house 660 rooms after completion, which is an increase in the number of its current total of rooms. Characterized as a modern recreational holiday hotel, MGM Grand Sanya is MGM Grand’s first subsidiary hotel in mainland China.

Downtown: 24.19 kilometers away from Sanya Pedestrian Street (about 40 minutes by taxi)

Airport: 30.78 kilometers away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport (about 40 minutes by taxi)