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Banyan Tree Sanya Resort & Spa

Banyan Tree Sanya Resort & Spa

With a favorable geographic location, Banyan Tree Sanya Resort & Spa is only 19 kilometers away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, 12 kilometers away from Sanya Railway Station, and 5.7 kilometers away from Sanya Pedestrian Street. The resort neighbors Luhuitou Park, Dadonghai Scenic Area, and a local duty-free gift shop.

Banyan Tree Sanya Resort & Spa was the first private villa resort to have swimming pools in China. Located nearby the picturesque Luhuitou Bay (also known as Lovers Bay) and with a favorable climate, the resort provides its guests with a beautiful experience of the sunrise and sunset. The resort features exclusivity and peacefulness, ensuring that your stay is free from the noise of a large city. The uniquely designed tropical lagoons connect 49 private swimming pools, creating a romantic ambience that is unparalleled. Together with its spa (that has been awarded numerous prizes) and unique culinary art, the resort holds a great fascination to newly weds for honeymoons. Such a secluded world amid the urban tapestry is rarely found, therefore offering you with a unique experience.
The resort’s restaurants have two restaurants that are as followed: Ming Yue Restaurant and Xiang Cai Restaurant, along with two bars, Tian Ya Hai Jiao Lounge Bar and a swimming pool bar. The menus change with the seasons, allowing you to taste delicious foods including fresh seafood, beach barbecues, traditional Thai cuisine as well as a variety of delicacies from around Asia. The highlight of these restaurants is that they provide 2 special theme dinners to choose from, ensuring that your night is memorable with your loved one. The two theme dinners are as follows:  Luhuitou Legend and Quiet Banyan Tree. Luhuitou in Chinese means that a deer turns around its head. Luhuitou Bay is given this name as the bay comes in the shape of a deer turning its head. On the tranquil beach of Luhuitou Bay with the melodious sounds of the Chinese Zheng (a 21-or 25-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither), you can taste refreshing traditional Hainan cuisine while seeing dancing flames in the bonfire. Nothing is more romantic than such a scene. The other one is that of Quiet Banyan Tree. Accompanied by the candle lights, you can sit under the century-old banyan tree by the seaside, and look far into the distant magnificent sunset on the horizon while tasting the private room cuisines cooked with fine craftsmanship. What a delightful dinner!

The famed Banyan Tree Spa provides unique Banyan Tree spa therapies and advanced bathing facilities (the first resort of this kind to offer such facilities in Asia), including shower corridors, Swiss shower heads, heated bathing pool, water massage pools, Turkish steam showers, ice springs and sauna rooms. The 16 therapy rooms are designed to provide relaxing spa therapies for guests. Also, the resort boasts a wide range of collections of unique ethnic artworks, environmentally friendly products, handicrafts and ethnic costumes. Other facilities include wired and wireless Internet access, a 24-hour gym, a parking lot, a table-tennis room, a library, an outdoor swimming pool, an 800 square meters private bathing beach, and a 500-meter-long bridge over the sea. In addition, tai chi boxing, yoga, belly dance and cooking lessons are all available.

Downtown: 5.71 kilometers away from Sanya Pedestrian Street (Sanya Pedestrian Street-walk to the Market Bus Station-take the No.3 bus-get off at Luhuitou Village Bus Station-walk about 1 kilometer-the hotel)

Airport: 30.65 kilometers away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport (the airport-take the No.8 bus-get off at Guangming Road Bus Station-walk about 130 meters to the Administration of Forestry Bus Station-take the No.3 bus-get off at Luhuitou Village Bus Station-walk about 1 kilometer-the hotel)