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The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel

The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel

The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel has top deluxe suites, which upgrades the standard of fashion. The commodious suite has an area of over 70 meters squared, with its grandeur bathroom adorned with marbles imported from Italy. Moreover, the hotel provides you with a good selection of suites so that you can feel at home. The hotel is outfitted with excellent restaurants, noodle shops and 24-hour room services, obviating your fret over delicacies. Also, you can go to the relaxing bars, and take a sip of the exquisite drinks and cocktails of every kind.

You are given the opportunity to experience with a variety of recreational activities once you check in the hotel. The main recreational area is on the 5th floor, equipped with several swimming pools, water-driven massage pools as well as deluxe and comfortable spa centers; while the well-equipped fitness center is on the 7th floor.

The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel is furnished with flexible meeting and exhibition facilities that has an area of 100,000 meters squared. These facilities can easily adjust and set up, thus, catering to events of various scales and providing an ideal place for the large, medium and small-sized enterprises to host meetings and exhibitions.

The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel has opened up boarding services with some airline companies of Macau International Airport.

Ambient environment: Rua da Gunha, Macau Stadium