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Lijiang Wangfu Hotel

Lijiang Wangfu Hotel

Unlike other hotels in Lijiang, Lijiang Wangfu Hotel is scattered with waterside pavilions and terraces featuring a simplistic,vintage style. Absorbing the traditional Naxi culture, the hotel is a display of local architectural styles of the Naxi ethnic group. Inside the yard of the hotel are precious flowers and grasses including birds and fish, that fully showcase the essence of Naxi culture. Sauntering in the corridors, you will be surrounded by the tranquility and feel of a secluded land.

The hotel has 76 standard rooms, 12 single rooms, 4 suites and 48 VIP rooms, each of which are equipped with wireless and wired internet access.

The hotel has 3 standard meeting rooms, particularly the multifunctional hall, No.1 meeting room and No.2 meeting room. The multifunctional hall has an area of 300 square meters with a seating capacity of 100 to 300. The No. 1 meeting room has an area of 40 square meters with a seating capacity of 30 to 40. It is equipped with a electronic sound system, wireless Internet access, wired microphones and an independent podium. The No. 2 meeting room has an area of 90 square meters with the seating capacity of 70 to 80. It’s equipped with a Panasonic PT-VIX87A projector, a screen curtain (1500mm×1700mm), a sound system and broadband internet access.

Located in Ancient Nanmen Square, the hotel has a favorable geographic location.

Lijiang Wangfu Hotel will definitely give you a comfortable experience during your stay. The staff eagerly await your arrival ready to provide you with meticulous services. If you choose to be in the VIP rooms and suites you will have  personalized VIP services.

Ambient environment: Black Dragon Pool Park, Sanjiang World Heritage Park, Mufu Palace