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Banyan Tree Lijiang

Banyan Tree Lijiang

Located in Shuhe ancient town with an altitude of 2000 meters, Banyan Tree Lijiang, is a 40 minute drive from Lijiang Sanyi Airport.

The hotel’s villas feature the architectural style of the Naxi ethnic group which faces northeast and provides stunning views of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The mountain rises 5,600 meters above sea level, which resembles a jade dragon nestling amid white clouds.

The spacious villas provide excellent views of the gorgeous natural scenery. Each villa has an outdoor lukewarm water massage pool or a private swimming pool. The hotel is constructed with local building materials that can be only found in Lijiang, such as the Naxi grey bricks of five colors. The traditional red tiles are all made in the local brick kilns, which are a representation of the modern dome of the architecture built by the Naxi people.

The hotel has 6 spacious and tastefully furnished therapy rooms equipped with private showers, and a therapy hall equipped with rainforest shower facilities and bathing products. Other facilities include a beauty parlor, yoga room and gym. The spa has a teahouse serving a variety of famed mountain tea including that of Lijiang.

 The hotel also provides special skin care therapies that are well acclaimed in Banyan Tree Shanghai, and come up with a new type of “four seasons” therapy, the spring, summer, autumn and winter therapies of which are correspondent to the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth in traditional Chinese medicine.

The hotel’s Mingyue Restaurant (Bright Moon Restaurant) serves summer barbecues, and free iced lemon tea and iced cola from 18:00 to 21:00 every Friday afternoon (You can ask for a 20 percent discount coupon at the counter if you are accommodated at the hotel).

Ambient environment: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang ancient town, Dayan ancient town