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Huangshan International Hotel

Huangshan International Hotel

The construction of Huangshan International Hotel draws on the merits of Anhui architectural style taking on a magnificent and solemn look. Located in Tunxi, which is home to the local municipal government, Huangshan International Hotel is a five-star hotel in downtown Huangshan with mountains and waters around. Blessed with convenient transportation, it’s about a 15-minute drive to the airport, a 10-minute drive to the railway station and a 5-minute drive to the entrance of express highway. The hotel is now under the management of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Huangshan International Hotel offers services include accommodation, catering, recreation, business, tourism and shopping. It boasts rooms and suites of various kinds as well as lounge bars and Chinese and Western-style restaurants with a seating capacity of 800. Its conference center, which houses 7 meeting rooms of different sizes, is equipped with advanced facilities with a seating capacity of over 1000, including a 6-channel booth for simultaneous interpreting. It is capable of hosting big exhibitions and international conferences. Additionally, the hotel is furnished with fitness center, sauna bathing room, massage room, beauty parlor, lounge bar, KTV room and teahouse, providing you with an ideal place for relaxation.

Huangshan International Hotel once received a number of famous figures who had political and science influence as well as members of royal families, such as Mr. Jiang Zemin (previously the president of the P.R.C.), Mr. Kofi Atta Annan, Mr. Lian Zhan (the honorary president of the Kuomintang), Thai crown prince and Mr. Yang Zhenning (the Nobel prize laureate). The hotel has also hosted numerous international conferences, making it an important arena for international guests. It has been awarded the “Anhui’s excellent star hotel for tourism” for 6 consecutive years, China Hotel Platinum Award (as one of the ten most popular hotels) and Best Management Award. It’s also placed on the list of China’s green and wholesome hotels. In 2010, it was accredited with 1st China Hotel Golden Star Award, which is the highest level of prize in China’s hotel industry (there were a total of 100 hotels receiving this award).

Ambient environment: Small Huangshan, Xin’an River