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Pig's Heaven Inn

Pig's Heaven Inn

Pig’s Heaven Inn was originally an old residence, was later bought out by an artist couple and further renovated into a special hostel. Within half a year, it has already become a hotel with an established fame both at home and abroad. As it’s only furnished with 6 rooms, 1-month advance reservation is necessary.

Once stepping into the inn, you will be embraced by an old-fashioned atmosphere featuring Anhui architectural style. Inside the central room (of a one-story Chinese traditional house consisting of several rooms in a row) there is an old-fashioned square table for eight people. A clock and a vase are placed on the wooden, warped table in an old fashioned manner. Looking up you can see a couplet on the pillar. At this juncture, you may wonder whether you will meet a lady dressed in ancient costumes or an old man wearing a robe. You’ll feel like time went back to a century ago. Getting up to the 2nd floor, you will be embraced by two sofas, the opposite of which is a modern stereo system playing psalms commonly heard in European churches. On the other side of the stereo, somebody is surfing the Internet. The small window, which is filled with the scenery of the blue sky and green mountains, looks like a picture containing all surrounding sceneries. All these may make you wonder whether you are in the hotel of a village in Switzerland. It may seem like the concept of time is a figment of the imagination.

Getting to the 3rd floor, you will enter a commodious room renovated from a barn. Under the wooden ceiling, several cozy chairs, together with a set of northern European-style iron table and chairs, are repositioned on the floor quietly. You may find a couple of magazines disorderly placed on the table. This is a place for meditation. Looking into the distance, you may see the architecture of Xidi ancient village, the tiles of which have a background of the green mountains. Often, there are the sound of chickens and the barks of dogs, casting a sharp contrast to the quiet ambience. At this juncture, you are immersed in quietness and find yourself preoccupied with your thoughts. Gradually, your worldly concerns are nowhere to be traced. Your childhood memories will come streaming into your mind. Sitting there, you may find that everything reminds you of home. Enveloped in your thoughts, your heart will feel purified. The feelings you have  there are nowhere to be found in the city.

Pig’s Heaven Inn is renowned for its bar on the 1st floor, which is renovated from pigsty. There, the ceiling fan whirls over your head, while you can lay down on the wooden bench or the cane chair listening to Elvis songs coming from an old-fashioned black disc machine. With a cup of Sri Lankan Black Tea in your hands, you can talk about anything with friends, whether they’re anecdotes, business affairs, or the future. There, all serious topics are not so serious after all. Though the “pigsty” is given the name “bar,” it’s only open to guests who are accommodated in the inn.

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