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Huangshan Hongcun Huazhong Inn

Huangshan Hongcun Huazhong Inn

Located behind Huangyue Academy, Huangshan Hongcun Huazhong Inn is comprised of three yards of large, medium and small sizes, one of which is an ecological garden with a history of 300 years. Inside the yards, there are ancient broken walls, age-old persimmon trees, jujube trees and podocarpus. In the corridor, you’ll get carried away in your imagination brought about by broken walls, and you’ll be surprised to find out that this is an entrance to the inn. What’s more amazing is that the walls of the inn adorned with embellishments of various kinds, such as wood carvings, property title deeds, coins and stamps, all of which are original. An overwhelming number of these embellishments are traditional Chinese paintings. Every now and then, exhibitions are staged renewing paintings. This is also a highlight of the inn.

Huangshan Hongcun Huazhong Inn is furnished with various types of rooms that are geared toward the needs of different guests, including antique-style standard room, special single room, antique-style king size bed room, frame house room and village view room. Also, it’s equipped with a conference room with a seating capacity of 50. The other side of the inn is the inner yard of Huizhou ancient stone tablets which are inscribed with words of glorious stories as well as symbols. Guangu Pavilion, a studio for artists, lies in the heart of the yard. The plaque of the pavilion is carved by Huang Shiling, who was a famous seal scripture sculptor in the late Qing Dynasty. The wood, stone and brick carvings displayed in the inn which makes you feel as if you were bathing in traditional Chinese culture while you’re staying there. Wherever you go in the inn, you will feel like you are the master of everything there.

The restaurant of the inn is a renovated residence with a history of 200 years, drawing upon merits of the architectural style of modernism. It is furnished with bar, café, barbecue room, teahouse as well as KTV room, and specializes in traditional Huizhou cuisines. Buffet receptions can be hosted in accordance with your needs.

Many hotels offer comfortable living conditions, but none of them can compare to Huangshan Hongcun Huazhong Inn in terms of its warmth, unsophisticated ambience as well as its rich collection of artworks. It hasn’t failed to attract visitors for its own uniqueness. The inn is ready to provide you with the best services.