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Yabuli International Convention & Exhibition Center

Yabuli International Convention & Exhibition Center

Yabuli International Convention & Exhibition Center is a designated hotel for the 2009 Harbin 24th Winter Universiade. Located in Yabuli Ski Resort-a 5A scenic area, it has an area of 4.46 hectares (its buildings occupy an area of 36,000 square meters) with a complete service of tourism, accommodation, catering, conference, recreational and entertainment facilities.

Its large multifunctional conference hall has a seating capacity of 600 with complete facilities. In addition, it has meeting rooms of different sizes, which are geared to the needs of hosting conferences with different levels, formats and scales.

The center has Chinese and Western-style restaurants of different sizes as well as 16 VIP rooms with a seating capacity of 1,500. They are geared to the needs of hosting receptions, banquets and parties of different scales.

In addition, the hotel has Karaoke halls, KTV rooms, spas, a badminton gym, a gym, game rooms, a tennis court, a table tennis gym and many other amenities. Its lounge bar, gift shops, cafés and teahouses will add to your experience.

Its ski field has an area of 100,000 kilometers squared with a chair lift track that can accommodate two people and a carpet ski lift track. The 30,000 meters squared ski field is designed by world-famed ski field planners, which are targeted at beginners. The slopes and length of this ski field are appropriate for beginners. You can experience the fun of skiing in such a safe and comfortable environment. Its 2,000-meter skiing track provides an ideal place for you to challenge and conquer yourself. In addition, the 1,500 meters squared ski equipment hall is furnished with lockers, an emergency room, fast food outlets, ski equipment stores, VIP restrooms and an Internet area. Ski equipment rental services are also available there.

Yabuli International Convention & Exhibition Center has become a coveted holiday resort for tourists. Equipped with high-end exhibition facilities, it’s an ideal place for staging events of various kinds. Also, it is a good choice for bodybuilding, socializing as well as recreational and business activities.


Airport: 280 kilometers away from Harbin Taiping Airport

Railway station: 17 kilometers away from Yabuli Railway Station; 1.5 kilometers away from Yabuli South Station