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Anshun Wanlvcheng Holiday Hotel

Anshun Wanlvcheng Holiday Hotel

Open to guests since 2012, Wanlvcheng Holiday Hotel has 165 rooms (suites). It brands itself as a five-star business and holiday hotel with complete services of accommodation, catering, entertainment, bodybuilding, tourism, business and convention facilities. It is within the Guanling County Prefecture (which is crowned as the backyard of Huangguoshu Waterfall), Anshun, in midwestern Guizhou Province. It has a favorable geographic location with the following nearby: Shanghai-Kunming Expressway 65, Guan Xing Highway, Shuihuang Highway, China National Highway 320 and 210 provincial level highways crisscross with one another here.

It’s 150 kilometers away from Guiyang,

60 kilometers away from Anshun,

12 kilometers away (12-minute drive) from the 5A scenic area (Hunagguoshu Waterfall),

45 kilometers away (45-minute drive) from another 5A scenic (the Crystal Palace of Dragon King), and 5 kilometers away from Baling River Bridge.

The Bridge is hailed as the highest bridge in Asia. With a picturesque scenery and fresh air, the hotel is a garden-style architectural complex equipped with complete amenities.

It has rooms of various types, conference rooms of different sizes, multifunctional halls, Chinese and Western-style restaurants, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a gym, KTV and sauna rooms. Its refined environment and easy transportation will definitely make your stay a memorable one!