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Green Lotus Hotel in Yangshuo

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Green Lotus Hotel is located at the foot of Green Lotus Peak, Yangshuo, which is even more beautiful than Guilin. Located on the waterfront of the Li River, it is a top-class luxury hotel featuring a combination of picturesque mountains and rivers as well as the architectural style of Guangxi’s ethnic minority groups. The hotel’s name is based on a poem, written by the modern poet Shen Bin, about a hotel located at the foot of a mountain peak. The hotel is adjacent to the ancient Li River Fuan Dock. You can stroll along the Li River leisurely without having to step out of the hotel grounds. Blessed with picturesque sceneries, a favorable environment and easy transportation, the hotel is only several minutes walk to the famed Yangshuo West Street. Even from afar you can see the stage and perhaps catch a glimpse of a performance of Impression Sanjie Liu.