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Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing

Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing

Located in Northern Hot Spring Park, Beipei District, Brilliant Resort & Spa Chongqing provides private and personalized services, including 24-hour butler service. Unlike other spa resort hotels elsewhere in the world, Brilliant Resort & Spa Chongqing boasts Asia’s best spa environment equipped with first-class jingluo (jingluo is a system of internal main and collateral channels, regarded as a network of energy passages, along which acupuncture points are distributed) diagnostic devices and therapies, which, feature a combination of TCM and scientific findings based on the TCM theories, are currently in a maturity stage for use. The hotel provides diagnostic services and gives tailored therapies accordingly. The spa environment here is flavored with a local-style impression and brimming with traditional Chinese culture. Characterized by a fusion of Chinese and Western therapies, yoga, refined tea ceremonies and scrumptious healthy food, the spa will definitely make your stay there cozy and relaxing! In such a garden-style environment, you will feel that everything is integrated as a whole. There, you can relax and reinvigorate yourself while becoming a part of nature. Only when body, mind and soul are in a healthy state can one achieve something. The hotel shoulders the responsibility of delivering a healthy and happy experience to each guest accommodated there. Whether you are here to relax or relieve stress, Brilliant Resort & Spa Chongqing is ready to provide you with comprehensive services, ensuring your stay is wholesome and healthy.

Downtown: 50 kilometers away from People’s Liberation Monument (about 40 minutes by taxi)

Airport: 40 kilometers away from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (35 minutes by taxi)

Railway station: 40 kilometers away from Caiyuanba Railway Station (about 35 minutes by taxi)