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Nanshuige Resort & Spa Convention Center

Nanshuige Resort & Spa Convention Center

Located in Ya’an Mt. Zhougong Spa Park with picturesque scenery around, Nanshuige Resort & Spa Convention Center is 12 kilometers away from downtown Ya’an. The center has an area of 96 hectares with a green coverage ratio of over 80 percent. Its facilities meet the standard of a five-star hotel. Stepping into the center, you would feel as if you were in a natural oxygen bar, cool and refreshed. Its ancient springs will make your stay there a healthy and pleasant one. There, nature and life are in harmony.

The center has 111 rooms (total of 197 beds) with complete facilities. The 43 square meters deluxe standard rooms are commodious, bright and magnificently adorned. Each of the rooms give you a good view of the landscape of the hotels gardens and picturesque natural landscapes outside. In addition, it has digital single rooms, waterbed rooms, two room suites and VIP rooms, all of which provide free broadband Internet access. There are three paths interlinking the room area with the eco garden spa center. The multifunctional hall is geared towards the needs of hosting conferences and reception of different levels and scales, with a seating capacity of 200. In addition, the multifunctional hall provides conference supporting facilities and professional services. Additionally, the center has an outdoor spring swimming pool with complete facilities, a KTV room, a chess room, a gift shop, a café and many other recreational amenities. Also, fire parities are planned at night in the center.

The center’s Junyuexuan Chinese Restaurant serves Sichuan and Cantonese cuisines, the local delicacies and Western-style buffets (altogether more than 100 types of dishes). The grand hall of the restaurant is elegantly adorned with a seating capacity of 200, creating a comfortable dinning environment. In addition, it has 4 VIP rooms of different sizes.

The source of the spas spring is the natural mineral water provided by Mt. Zhougong Park Zhiyuan Club. The thermal water comes from the underground mineral water (3475 meters deep with a history of over 36,000 years) and contains 8 minerals and trace elements as well as rich chemical compounds. These compounds  include Iodine Bromine, lithium, strontium, fluoride, borate, hydrogen sulfide, silicic acid and radium. So it boasts off great medical and health benefits. The spa area consists of 15 spa pools that can accommodate over 200 people at the same time.

The center also provides fish therapies. When you are in the pool, the fish will swim to you, massage your body, and relax you. Your nervous system will be stimulated and blood circulation will increase as a result, making you feel refreshed and giving you better skin.

The center comes up with a new type of shower also known as the tea shower, which mixes the boiled and steamed tea leaves with hot water in the pool and ensures that the water temperature is appropriate for shower. Green tea leaves are the main ingredients for the tea shower for the reason that they contain a wealth of tea polyphenols that have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Your body health will benefit a lot from tea showers. In addition, tea leaves are rich in a number of vitamins and minerals. In summer, tea showers help prevent sunstrokes, treat sunburns and lighten your skin. The center provides tea showers of various kinds, including Tibetan tea recipe shower and yellow tea shower, to name a few.

Transportation: 20.4 kilometers away from Ya’an Bifeng Gorge