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InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise

InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise

Next to Jiuzhaigou, a world natural heritage site, InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise nestles in the extending mountains with picturesque scenery all around. At the beginning of 2007, InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise invested 45 million RMB in renovating its interior and equipping its lobby with an environmentally friendly geothermal heating system. This system has achieved effective results of environmental protection as it creates no flue gas and wastes in the heating process, providing you with fresh and clean air.

The eco-friendly hall beneath the glass dome and the natural sceneries are combined as a whole, which is rarely seen elsewhere. The hotel boasts rooms of various types, each of which furnished with a wooden balcony overlooking the surrounding mountains. Its unique design and embellishments will take you on a journey of experiencing Tibetan and Qiang (an ethnic group) design aesthetics. In addition, each of the restaurants are equipped with advanced facilities, providing high-quality services. Amid the primitive forests and snow mountains, green trees and rivers around, the hotel is characterized by top notch and progressive architectural style. The glass dome of the hotel, which contributes to its reputation as a “disappeared architecture,” enables you to embrace the blue sky and white clouds as well as surrounding forests. Inside the hotel, you can look far into the distance and the stretching grassland. A spectacular picture of nature is unfolding before you! Also, it is furnished with a glass-and-iron-structured lobby with an area of 10,000 square meters, a spa center covering 10,000 square meters, a conference center, restaurants, bars and cottages featuring the architectural style of the Qiang ethnic group, resembling a large pedal falling on the forest. The hotel has been accredited as one of China’s top ten most popular holiday inns and awarded China Golden Pillow Prize. It’s also certified by Green Global 21.

Amid extending mountains, InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise is hailed as a secluded fairytale land. Looking from its exterior, it resembles an ancient city shielded by a glass dome. The luxury embellishments inside and the intoxicating natural landscape outside are combined as a whole. Boasting 1,100 rooms, the hotel is the largest of its kind in the area. It’s definitely an ideal place for relaxation! Additionally, the hotel is only 20 kilometers away from Ganhaizi Lake (a calcified pond), which is a must-see scenic area. 

Surrounding environment: Fairy Lake Scenic Area, Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, Ganhaizi Scenic Area