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Festivals in Hong Kong

Festivals in Hong Kong

Local Festivals in Hong Kong


New Year countdown

Date: 31

Except for Lan Kai Fong, there are fireworks and special performances on New Year’s Eve along with A Symphony of Lights. In addition, the New Year Countdown will also be celebrated in Time Square on Causeway Bay, industrial exhibition in Victoria Park.

Industrial Exhibition

Date: uncertain

The Industrial exhibition is a large-scale exhibition of industrial products including delicious foods, clothing, home appliances and ginseng among others. It is held in Victoria Park at the end of every year. Many branded products made at home and abroad will be presented and selected in the exhibition.


The Lunar New Year (the Spring Festival)

Date: The 1st day of first month of lunar year to 15th  

There are events during this time including, fireworks, Spring Festival flower parade, incense burning at Wong Tai Sin Temple, praying for blessings at Che Kung Temple, and the Fair on Lunar New Year Eve. The fair is a sea of faces and a unique event which can only be experienced in Spring Festival of Hong Kong. Products include, New Year’s flowers, toys, souvenirs and home appliances are sold in the fair. 

New Year’s timetable of Lunar New Year in Hong Kong:

The duration of the New Year’s fair is from December 24th to January 1st at 6’clock. It is mainly held in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay (the largest fair in Hong Kong), at the flower market in Mongkok, and the amusement park in Shatin, among other locations throughout the island.

Lunar December 29th: Most shops temporarily suspend business.
Lunar December 30th to Lunar January 1st at 1 am: Everyone rushes to Wong Tai Sin Temple to burn the first incense
New Year’s Day: Spring Festival’s flower parade (different routes each year)
The second day of Lunar New Year: display of fireworks on the Victoria Harbor
The second or third day of Lunar New Year: Prayer for blessings in Che Kung Temple in Shatin



Date: The end of March to early April

Easter, as one of two longest holidays, is to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can see painted eggshells on the street and some theme parks, supermarkets and restaurants with decorations and holiday themed events. Generally, the Hong Kong International Film Festival is also held at this time but the tickets sell out early so get yours fast if you want to go watch your favorite films.


Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Date: Lunar April 5th to 8th

The Bun Festival is a unique festival in Hong Kong. During the festival, activities such as “Bun Scrambling” and “parades” are held in Cheung Chau. Bun scrambling is often the highlight of the festival.


Dragon Boat Festival

Date: Lunar May 5th

In addition to eating zongzi, many coastal areas will have boat-racing activities during the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong. The races will occur on Stanley and Shing Mun Rivers, among others.

Hong Kong Book Exhibition

Date: uncertain

Book exhibition are a big, cultural event in Hong Kong. It is a large-scale exhibition in which visitors can not only read popular books, but buy various new and old books and magazines at a discounted rate, while participating in various lectures and activities. The location of the exhibition is inside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.


Hong Kong Food Exposition

Date: uncertain

As a paradise for food lovers, the annual gourmet festival is held in Conference and Exhibition Center by the Hong Kong Development Council. Visitors can taste delicious foods around the world without having to travel everywhere.


Ghost Festival

Date: Lunar July 15th

During the Ghost Festival Hong Kong people will burn clothes made of paper on wide spaces like parks and playgrounds to worship ancestors and ghosts. Some places will have Chaozhou operas and all forms of literary and artistic activities as well as exhibitions on handmade crafts.



Date: October 31st

There are three places to go for Halloween: Lan Kwai Fong, Ocean Park and Disney. Every Halloween ghosts from different countries appear on the bar street located in Lan Kwai Fong of Central. Disney and Ocean Park hold Halloween-theme activities, where Disney has a performance and recreation activities, while Ocean Park holds a “Halloween” party to make the park into a ghost house with different themes.


Christmas Eve

Date: December 24th

People go to Lan Wai Fong, Tsim Sha Tsui and other places to count down until Christmas. If you want to attend the countdown party, it is best to arrive there before 10:00 pm. Otherwise, you may get blocked in a lane or street by the crowds of people there. Also, if you’re concerned about safety there are police present to control the flow of people. Additionally, lights will be decorated on either side of the Victoria Harbor to add to the aroma of the night.