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Shopping in Harbin

Shopping in Harbin

Specialties for Travelers

Harbin is one of the largest commercial cities in Northeastern China. There are mainly two kinds of specialties for travelers.

The first kind is the Russian food and ornaments with exotic flavor. They include loaves, Russian chocolates, candies and purple gold necklaces. They are rather cheap and easy for you to carry. Also, you can also buy some tea leaves, paintings and ornaments imported from Russia or other East European countries at a reasonable price.

The second kind is the northeastern specialties. They are all available in Harbin. Specialties that represent the northeastern flavor are the three treasures of the northeastearn region, particularly ginseng, antler and mink fur. Since Harbin is close to Great Khingan and the Long White Mountain, it’s rich in such three treasures. You can buy excellent ginsengs at a price of 150 RMB after haggling. The mink fur cap can cost you several hundred bucks. As to mink fur coats, they are rather expensive. The cheapest one will cost you around several thousands RMB and the most excellent one will cost you up to over ten thousand RMB. When buying these items, pay attention to the authenticity of the items.

The sausages and smoked salmons are also worth noting. These are the local delicacies that have the Harbin flavor. They are all in vacuum packages with long quality-guaranteed period. Besides, you can find Northeastern black funguses, mushrooms, dried fruits and various wild vegetables in Harbin. Visitors who are interested in them can buy some local food markets, supermarkets and shopping malls.

The Central Street Pedestrian Mall

Currently, the Central Street Pedestrian Mall remains the longest pedestrian mall in Asia. Built in 1898, it was originally called “the Chinese Street.”In the year of 1925, it was named, “the Central Street” today. It’s now the busiest pedestrian mall in Harbin.

The Central Street extends 1450 meters with Songhua River Flood-Fighting Memorial Tower to its north and Jingwei Street to its south. Known as “the first street in Harbin,”, it has been the gathering place for tourism, shopping, recreation and catering businesses. There, the local delicacies and specialties are all available. The main places for shopping are Qiulin Department Store, the First Department Store of Harbin, Harbin Commercial Building, Golden Sun Boutique and Zhongyi Department Store. You can take the No.1, No.2, No.12, No.15, No.16, No.20, No.64, No.85, No.101, No.102 or No. 103 bus to get there.