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Paper Cutting

Paper Cutting

Leqing, a city located in southeastern coast of Zhejiang Province, is well-known for its fine paper-cutting primarily located in Siqian Village, Houheng Village of Xiangyang County, Dongcai Village of Beibaixiang Town, Lecheng Town, Liushi Town and Wenyang Town.

Leqing Paper-cutting derived from folk paper-cutting “Long Chuan Hua” (literally called Dragon Boat Flower) which has over 700 years of history. Even the record of Leqing Town Annuals recorded paper cutting during the period of Dade in Yuan Dynasty. Every January 15th there is Long Chuan Deng (dragon boat with lights) cruise in every part of Leqing. Paper decoration and fine paper cutting are essential technology and decoration for Long Chuan Deng, in which only geometric patterns of fine paper cutting. This later developed to flowers, animals, mountains, waters, traditional opera characters, and fairy tales and so on. The most famous works are Jiu Shi Tu (Nine Lions Picture) and Ba Jiao Shuang Yu (Two Fishes). The current successors are Lin Bang Dong, Lin Shunkui, Chen Yuhua, Zheng Yuanxun, Lv Faliang, among others.

Leqing Fine Paper Cutting is subtle in knife technology, exquisite in pattern and rich in expression. It is thin which and can carve 52 strings of small paper. As fine paper cutting technology can make different folk patterns carved in centimeter large paper, it is reputed as Chinese Paper Cutting Representative in the south.

In addition, this technology is difficult and hard to learn in short amount of time, only those with over tens of years of experience can create exquisite works. Over the past 20 years, with the rising of light industry in Wenzhou, Leqing fine paper cutting artworks were shocked and decline so that many artists changed to business which results in the shortage of successors.