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Longjing Village and Longjing Tea

Longjing Village and Longjing Tea

Located in the southwest of the scenic West Lake, Longjing (Dragon Well) Village is a picturesque village surrounded by mountains in all directions. With a population of 800, the tea plantation area is more than 0.53 square kilometers on the hills. The peaks in the north west block the cold wind in the winter. In the south, there is a creek stretching to Qiantang River. The south east wind reaches the valley quickly in the spring and summer. These unique advantages are richly endowed by nature.

The name of the Longjing Village and Longjing tea both originate from the Long Jing (Dragon Well). The endless spring that flows into the well is clean and sweet. Legend has it that the spring was connected to the sea where the dragon lived, hence its name.

With a history of more than 1,200 years, Longjing tea is a kind of green tea that’s grown in Longjing Village. It is a famous tea with pure and fresh taste. It is described as having, “green color, fragrant smell, sweet taste, and delicate appearance.”

There is a Longjing Tea Factory where tourists can see the process of making tea and learn about the types of tea. They can also taste Longjing tea there and buy it as souvenirs. Tasting tea in that area will make you feel like a local.