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Hu Qing Yu Pharmacy Culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hu Qing Yu Pharmacy Culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hu Qing Yu Chinese Pharmacy was established by Hu Xueyan in 1874 which is located in Qinghe Lane in Hangzhou. Since the founding of the capital Linan in Southern Song Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasties, there was a pharmacy lane in the Qinghe Lane that included Baohe Pharmacy in Southern Song Dynasty, Zhu Yangxin Plaster Drugstore in Ming Dynasty, Ye Zhongde Pharmacy and Huichui Pharmacy in late Qing Dynasty. Hu Qing Yu Chinese Pharmacy later inherited the Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji JU Fang pharmacy technology and codes of practice prescribed by the officer in the Southern Song Dynasty. To some degree, Hangzhou is the origin of ancient Chinese medicine pharmacopeia and Hu Qing Yu Chinese Pharmacy abided by this good tradition.

Hu Qing Yu Chinese Pharmacy preserves many traditional commercial and business customs.

Jie Qi (abstain from cheat) culture is the discipline of of Hu Qing Yu Pharmacy which was written by Hu Xueyan. Over the 130 years, the Pharmacy keeps the principles of Jie Qi and abides by traditional Chinese ethnics and medicine culture to expand the business idea and discipline of Jie Qi. This idea has surpassed enterprise levels and advocates of social morality. 

In addition, Hu Qing Yu Pharmacy preserves folk ancient and secret prescriptions. Moreover, the sophisticated pharmaceutical workers are in good health which provides fortune in present-day society.

Due to the influence of modern technology, climate change, environment pollution, and strong culture, Hu Qing Yu Pharmacy’s traditional is in danger of disappearing. Therefore, Hu Qing Yu Pharmacy has made efforts of putting a practical protection plan into fruition.