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Bamboo Paper Making Technology

Bamboo Paper Making Technology

Known for handmade paper, Fuyang bamboo paper fabrication technology has had over 1,000 years of history since the Southern Song Dynasty. Today, Fuchun bamboo paper is mainly produced in southern Anshan District, Qingyun, Longyang, Xindeng, etc.

Fuchun bamboo paper is soft and insect resistance. In history, it was popular at home and also exported to Japan, Korea, Singapore and Philippine. Also, Changshan paper won the title of the highest special commodity by the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce and 2nd prize of the 1914 Panama Pacific International Exposition, 3rd prize of Beijing Expo of Chinese Goods. Jingfang paper won the 2nd prize of the 1914 Panama Pacific International Exposition and 3rd prize of 1929 Beijing Expo of Chinese Goods. Yuanshu paper and Wujin paper won the special award in the 1929 Hangzhou West Lake Exposition. Shuahuang paper and wuqianyuanshu paper won the 1st prize of 1929’ West Lake Exposition.

Fuchun bamboo paper formed a unique special fabrication technology based on our traditional paper making technology such as human urine zymotechnics in the paper pulp processing. These technologies are gems of wisdom in the practical process of Fuchun paper making workers and an important individual case that carries forward ancient paper making invention.

With the inheritance of Fuchun paper making technology  derived an annual celebration on Cai Lun, paper worker proverbs, folk song and long literary narrative songs Zhu San and Liu Erjie and other folk cultural contents, which means that Fuchun paper making technology has deep historical and cultural connotations.

Today, although some carry on traditional paper making technology on bamboo paper, it is no longer popular. Also, due to the age of paper making workers, traditional Fuchun paper making worker are facing the shortage of successors and are dying out and needs urgent protection.