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Miao's New Year Festival

Miao's New Year Festival

Miao’s New Year Festival falls on November 10th, and lasts for a week, of which the first three days are the best time to attend the festival. This is the biggest and most important festival of the Miao people in southeastern Guizhou Province, which is equal to that of the Spring Festival of Han people. In preparation for this festival, people not only slaughter pigs and sheep, but also make glutinous rice wine. Generally, the preparation for Miao’s New Year Festival is like that of the Spring Festival. People have to clean their houses and buy new things. During the festival, there are many songs and dances, buffalo fights, ethnic sports and so on. It is also a time for locals to visit friends, young people to look for marriage partners and arrange weddings. No other festival in Guizhou is more colorful, interesting and worth visiting than Miao’s New Year Festival.   

Here is a list of things that you will experience during this festival:

1. Miao girls dancing to the reed-pipe in magnificent costumes

2. Bull fighting, a traditional event of the Miao New Year

3. The ceremony of worshiping ancestors by the elders

4. Miao girls entertaining guests from afar with homemade rice wine

5. Worshiping the copper drum with ancestral totems